Corrugated Shipping Boxes

Shipping containers are corrugated boxes and quite often corrugated mailers. The difference is that the mailers are really only designed to be shipping boxes only. Their regular corrugated cardboard counterparts can be multipurpose and can be used multiple times. Typically, a box which has been shipped once could be reused even if it is single use only. While not recommended for shipping, such a box could be effectively used in its capacity as a moving box or removal box. Many of these corrugated fiberboard moving and storage containers find themselves in a corner with a trash bag or plastic liner and become converted into a garbage can.

Cardboard aka corrugated fiberboard is what most of the shipping boxes are made of. Plastic polymers, metals even corrugated plastic are also possible alternative and depend on price vs. functionality desired or product requirements compliance as per code. Corrugated fiberboard boxes are really popular since their features and qualities are not only predictable and varied – they can be customized to order. There are many retailers or shipping suppliers who offer cardboard shipping boxes by the bale or truckload only. They are only interested in keeping prices low so selling in retail amounts would not allow them to remain competitive.

Pallet boxes (sometimes seen as Gaylord boxes) are also available and form a rather common combination in the shipping and packaging industry of shipping boxes loaded on a pallet and then secured with plastic straps or saran wrap. This trio is then loaded on to even larger shipping boxes – containers. The ultra large metal boxes then travel on transport such as delivery trucks, railway cars or ships when the loads are huge and have to go great distances at lowest cost. Gaylords are these really large shipping boxes which are placed directly on a pallet – they can be rectangular or oval. Their size is designed to match up the pallets so that they can be handled securely by a forklift.

Some retailers and department stores often use Gaylord boxes as retail ready packaging containers. This is the ultimate use of trade floor space – the large shipping boxes have their sides shortened down so that shoppers can conveniently pick and choose from the items displayed inside. Needless to say such “shelves” are extremely easy to restock and are often used to display marked down, last year’s collection or end of season blowout items. These pallet boxes are also made of corrugated fiberboard and may have two or even more layers of corrugated wavy flutes in their walls for extra safety and strength. Few of them may be treated with special waxes to improve weather resistance. In addition, fire retardation agents can be added to the cardboard pulp in the production cycle and make them while not fire-proof, at least less susceptible to sparks or minor fire. Other qualities which can be called for by retailers or resellers include edge crush test, puncture resistance and, within a reason, even barrier protection against sudden temperature drops or rises.