Large Shipping Boxes – Packaging and Shipping Best Practices

The most useful and truly unique resource identified for proper item packaging and shipping of large shipping boxes is the UPS packaging advisor. It is also an online calculator since it allows for exact box dimensions to be put it together with the contents being shipped. Items are broken down in many categories and while not every aspect of human life is covered, the categories are chosen well enough. It is likely that whatever goes in your large shipping boxes will be listed there or a broader guideline will be relevant.

In this and the next post I will briefly outline two of my experiences so far with various items and box sizes. First object is a breakable houseware item (home décor of some sort) which will be mailed in 20x20x20 inches large shipping boxes and weighing 15 lbs. Once a selection is made, the calculator would offer results which come in as recommended and alternate cushioning. Recommended in this case is large-cell bubble wrap. The size of the bubbles should be around half an inch and the item should be carefully wrapped up in a few layers with special attention to the corners. If more than one item is prepared, then each should be individually wrapped. On another note, packaging should be tight and at least around 2-inches thick. All objects should be at least 2 inches away from each other and from the sides of the large shipping boxes for safest protection from vibrations and shock while in transit.

Two alternative methods are listed for the above item – foam sheeting and foam-in-bag also known as foam-in-place. Foam sheeting is light, flexible packaging material made of polystyrene or polyethylene. It comes in various thicknesses. For these 20-inch large shipping box any thickness would work as long as the sheeting is wrapped enough to add up to two inches around all items.

Foam-in-bag cushioning forms a mold around any product by means of a chemical mixture which extends, fills up the empty space and builds protective layers. The texture of the mould could be void for light-weight items or it could be filled with performance packaging to properly meet the requirements of the large shipping boxes.

Next is a consumer electronics item of 40 lbs in the same size box. This would be available in the next post on large shipping boxes together with the link to the packaging advisor. It is posted on the large cardboard boxes central.