Large Shipping Boxes – How to Ship Efficiently

Large Shipping Boxes

The United States Post Office will ship anything up to 70 pounds. Everything above and beyond that is considered a large shipping box. Any of the couriers who deliver in your area will gladly pick up a larger packet and ship it almost anywhere in the world.

Additionally, any package over 12 inches is considered large. A simple test would be to see if it fits in a mailbox. The door to some of the mailboxes swings open quite wide so if you cannot get it to fit in freely, do not push since it can get wedged in on the inside. This will give you the feeling that you have posted you package while it is really jammed against the inside of the mailbox. Larger shipping boxes are known to have spent quite some time in there before being found and properly mailed.

Better choice for mailing large shipping boxes is to call in a pick up or take the box to the post office. If shipping via a courier and if you have the mailing label ready, you could avoid the pickup charge by giving your package to a delivery driver. They would normally use a handheld device and then scan the package into the system. Once a package is checked in, it becomes traceable and normal shipping rules apply to it – such as overnight delivery or second-day etc.

A good idea in this respect is to always have some shipping labels handy from the corresponding courier. All you have to do then is fill out the label with your account number or credit card information and destination address, contents description etc. Additionally, a great trick known by few people is to learn the route of the local couriers – at times it is predefined or scheduled according to the size  and number of large shipping boxes on board of the delivery truck. Some of them use GPS software which maps out their route according to the deliveries for the day – this is an optimization technique taken on by the bigger companies to eliminate left turns. Left turns cause delays and lead to use of more fuel.

The majority of the couriers and definitely the mailman still follow a predefined route. If you learn that route you will have the advantage of time on your side and you can ship your large shipping boxes with whatever company picks up in a time slot more convenient to you. You can also accommodate late orders etc.

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