Packing Tape, Polystyrene Sheets and Shipping Boxes for a Complete Shipping Solution

Yes, that’s right. These three elements are crucial to the creation of a solid shipment from a corrugated cardboard box following best packaging practices. The most important is naturally the box – if an inappropriate box is chosen, there is little which can be done to protect the items in motion and damages are almost guaranteed. Selecting proper shipping boxes is simple and generally driven by one golden rule of thumb – designed weight and merchandise specifics. These two have to be matched up. An example of a poor match would be placing an item which weighs thirty pounds into a container designed to only handle ten pounds. Regardless of how it may look, this combo would not work and has to be redone to avoid problems with ripped boxes, damaged goods, insurance claims and other headache etc.

Polystyrene sheets are an essential packaging element. They are typically made of expanded polystyrene which can rather often be seen under the brand of Styrofoam. These sheets can be cut and customized into almost any shape and house the precious cargo. Once it is secure, an item which is already in its polystyrene home can then be safely placed inside a large shipping box to continue its journey on to the final packaging destination. Polystyrene would act in accordance with the corrugated flutes inside the walls of large shipping boxes and allow for further absorption of external and internal pressure as a parcel travels. In a sense, large shipping boxes get a second set of suspension springs when they are combined with polystyrene sheets.

Packing tape provides the finishing touches together with a shipping label. Packing tape is essential when packing to ensure that a corrugated cardboard box is safe and secure. It is slick and durable and allows shipping containers to glide along conveyor belts, truck bodies and hand carts. Filament tape is another flavor which contains tiny plastic shavings inside its walls and is also appropriate to be used as packing tape when some very heavy loads are to be seal shut. Plastic straps do the best job when placed around shipping boxes to secure bulky or loads or extra weight.