Where to Find Large Shipping Boxes

Large shipping boxes can have a dual usage – for shipping and moving. When picking a box for moving, it is ok to go with a used box. Used boxes can be found at almost any employers’ purchasing department (so check before you leave work), most grocery stores etc. Grocery stores are sometimes mandated to recycle their used cardboard but on days when their dumpsters are overflowing they would be thankful if you help them get rid of a few boxes. Another not so well-known place is your local computer shop. Many of these smaller businesses do installations, support and hardware orders and the actual equipment is taken to their customers. Monitors, CPU towers etc. come in cases placed in large shipping boxes which are sometimes a bother for the shop owners to get rid of. Computer and peripheral cardboard boxes are strong and durable and are a good choice for moving needs.

When shipping via a courier or the post office, it is recommended to pack your goods in a new box. Even the most well-known and reputable couriers employ people who may be having a bad day and take it out on your shipment. Trouble here is guaranteed if the box you chose was towards the end of its life cycle when you picked it up – filing insurance claims for damages can take a long time. Here are some resources identified as helpful when looking for a large shipping box:

  • The box finder at Staples – very user-friendly designed resource with a huge selection available and some search-customization options – http://staples.packagingfinder.net. A10-pack of 20″x20″x20″ multi-depth box was going for about $100. Multi-depth technology used provides extra strength when stacking and flexibility when choosing your large shipping boxes.
  • The almighty Amazon had a 12-pack of 18x18x24-inch for around $70 – some from Amazon some from other resellers on the marketplace.
  • EBay has great deals on large shipping boxes also. Their search interface is slightly awkward to use and takes a bit more time. The savings may be worth your while. You can go for sellers with the buy-it-now option as opposed to bid and wait etc.
  • Couriers’ offices and the post office also carry a supply of large shipping boxes and are a viable option. Their selection is based on availability.
  • Mailboxes etc and your local copy shop are places to look into also. While slightly more expensive than the online deals, local shops can be extremely helpful and even assist in packaging your content since they have better tape guns, straps etc which are sometimes needed for getting large shipping boxes ready.

In addition, here are some manufacturer names (brands) in the corrugated fiberboard industry:

  • Caremail
  • Duck Brand
  • Fellowes
  • Georgia Pacific